We Analyse Your Catalytic Converter

Our trained team analyses your material piece by piece. You can send your used catalytic converter for analysis from any country in the world.

We Analyse your Catalytics

Our trained team will analyse your material piece by piece.  From any country of the world, any individual can send us your used catalysers for us to analyse


We will pay the shipping costs for two or more catalytic converters. Use sturdy boxes made of corrugated cardboard, cushion the items to be shipped on all sides and completely fill all cavities including the lid area to avoid crushed packaging.

We Analyse

Through individual analyses of the catalytic converters, we can offer you fair and unbeatable prices for your ceramic and metal catalytic converters. Of course, we then dispose of them in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. Our specialist staff are on the road for you in Mannheim and the surrounding areas and are happy to collect the catalytic converters from you by appointment.



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