That depends on your catalyst. In fact, each catalyst contains a different amount of platinum, palladium and rhodium and our prices are indexed based on the daily fluctuations in the price of metals in international markets according to the amount of these metals. All of our references have been analyzed in our laboratories to accurately determine the value of your catalyst and to get the fairest price!

Procatalytic actually buys used catalysts for recycling in many locations around the world through various services.

From history we have built strong recognition in the industry by publishing our extensive database of more than 20,000 catalyst references.

An easy way to recycle your catalyst is to send it to us! The ProCatalytic team has been collecting and recycling catalysts since 2020. Our experts will be happy to support you with recycling.

Procatalytic does not offer payment for items that do not contain precious metals. However, it rarely happens that a catalyst does not contain a noble metal. In this case, they will be treated as recyclable waste and the treatment will be monitored.

You can use these templates to ensure a seamless and efficient process:

We can also hire our agent to organize everything so that it can be picked up at your door.

including copper, nickel, Iron and manganese. A catalyst also contains small amounts of rhodium. Like platinum and palladium, rhodium is very rare and valuable.

Catalysts contain platinum, rhodium and palladium. However, there is no gold in catalysts.

The content varies considerably depending on the vehicle model, but on average the ceramic weight is just under 1 kg and the precious metal content is between 0.2% and 0.5%. For example, the amount of platinum in a catalyst is approximately 5 grams for a standard. The amount of metals in the catalyst varies depending on the reference. That is why each of the converters listed in our catalog has a different price.

99% pure and recycled once it can be used for a wide variety of uses including jewelry, cell phones, computer hard drives, satellites and of course, new catalysts .

Platinum group metals are among the rarest minerals on earth, have high heat resistance and properties of incredible strength that make them key components in the manufacture of catalysts. Unfortunately, nothing has been done to find a cheaper solution, which makes recovering PGMs even more important.


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